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A colorful sports day

The SLO® and PE Department collaborated to create the first ever color sports day at our very own green field. On Friday, February 9th, 300 students from grades 5, 6, and 7 attended with their one invited friend. This lively event was held for the simple yet deep purpose of “friendship”.

On arrival the participants students were given a T-shirt and competitor number. While the children ran with their friends on the green field, they encountered an obstacle every 75 meters. At every obstacle, the students were splashed and sprayed with non-toxic, vibrant color powders. Parents gathered on the bleachers and under the tents that were placed on the field, to watch their children proudly represent the meaning of loyalty, honor, and friendship.

This event promoted a positive school image, involving student, staff, and parents working together. The prefects had worked diligently for days before the event to ensure a smooth and wonderfully organized event. The day was evidence that working together with friendship and hard work resulted in an excellent outcome. The first, and definitely not the last, ISC DIP Colorful Sports Day.
The International School of Choueifat – Dubai Investments Park

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