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SLO Mini conference

ISC DIP held yet another engaging and educational SLO Mini-Conference on Thursday and Friday, October 25th and 26th 2018. The weekend was filled with soon-to-be prefects enjoying a wide range of activities, entertaining lectures, and training on developing skills and expertise. This whole event was organized by our head and deputy prefects.

The students started the conference off on Thursday with an entertaining ice-breaker, where they learned how to be resourceful, and how to cooperate and work as a team. Afterwards, they sat around their tables and watched enlightening videos about our society today. They attended speeches given by empowered prefects who aimed to train and teach them about responsibility and accountability.


On Friday, the students gathered at the school and started the day off with a refreshing session of drumming to wake them up and sharpen their senses. After a few more inspirational presentations, they headed for Green Community to learn how to work efficiently as a team. But first, the students and teachers had a light lunch together before beginning the games. Students had to work together and combine their smarts to navigate through an inventive treasure hunt.


We are proud to have raised a new generation of socially responsible prefects who aim to be role models to the ones next in line, encouraging us all to “Stay Ahead”. A special "Thank you" to the prefects who worked hard to organize this year's conference!