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SLO Handover Ceremony

The SLO (Student Life Organization) Handover Ceremony is an annual event held by the school, rewarding committed prefects with recognizable positions, and allowing them to have an opportunity to showcase their hard work and dedication. These positions are passed down from previous departmental heads, who choose which of their subordinates would be capable of taking over.

Mr. Smooker, our school’s Director, kicked off the ceremony with a speech, commemorating every individual who put their time and effort to make the school what it is today. He mentioned a book he had been reading, and described the importance of actively being involved with school’s activities, and how it was a chance for students to gain and utilize various skills and apply them in real life. Soon after the speech ended, the room went quiet; the excitement on everyone’s faces was apparent, all of them keeping their eyes glued on to the stage. The remaining preceding heads of Management, Academics, Sports and Health, Outreach, Social Responsibility, Lower School, and Discipline came forward and proudly called out the names of those who would, from here on out, attain their positions.

To add to the excitement, all the prefects had a chance to dig into a delicious cake that had been waiting for them all, making the day even sweeter! Another successful ceremony for another memorable year.