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Shadow Teacher Day

This year, ISC-DIP celebrated its fifth annual Shadow Teacher Day in high spirits. For those who are far from familiar with the term ‘Shadow Teacher’, our students that are judiciously nominated by their respective teachers to this prestigious position, stepping in to teach their peers at any moment’s notice. To be selected for this esteemed position, students need to have acquired a certain level of maturity and discipline allowing them to manage their corresponding classes and navigate them to success. This practice, an emphasized aspect of the SABIS® system itself, serves to build the confidence of the students and impart indispensable leadership skills. During Shadow Teacher Day, different students substitute their teachers for various courses throughout the entirety of the day. The teachers participates in the lesson, keenly observing and offering any necessary guidance. Students prepare lessons beforehand then go into class to teach it to their classmates, simultaneously receiving a boost in self-esteem and gaining a unique perspective of education. The day was a huge success with all classes running without a hiccup while having a positive impact on all students.

The International School of Choueifat – Dubai Investments Park

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