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Art and Social Studies Fair

The school’s Art & Social Studies Fair was held from 30th of May to the 4th of June, to showcase the capabilities of the students of ISC DIP.

During this week parents, students and staff had the opportunity to see for themselves the hard work and dedication that took place in the art room and during Social Studies period throughout the academic year.  


In Art, the students were encouraged to study various artists from painters, sculptors to designers. Grade 6 looked at the work of artist Keith Haring to study shape, movement and color. The students used his work to inspire their own pieces. The work of the Grade 5 students had been encouraged by the style of Heather Cyaller, whose painting uses vibrant colors and shape in creating landscapes. 

The exhibition revealed the different techniques the students had learned throughout the year. These techniques varied from using water color and acrylic paints, paper collage to mixed media. Some projects were inspired by curricular themes. The Aztec Designs came from a Grade 4 social studies topic. 

For Grade 3, their popular class reader “Beauty and the Beast was the foundation of an illustrating project where the children used their own creations to retell the story they had read using their imagination.
The school’s overall aim for the children’s art show was to give adults an opportunity to witness the students’ talent and allow the students to showcase their artistic abilities.

Our aim is to nurture the children’s creativity through artwork they have designed themselves.

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