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Ballet Show 2015

The Ballet Show held on the 30th of May was again a sensational event displaying an array of beautiful costumes and some fantastic dancing and acting by the students from KG 2 up to Grade 6.The show told the story of Pinocchio, the toy doll crafted by Ghepeto, the toy store owner, which magically came to life. It told of the trials and tribulations of this small human doll. It was a story that was not only a show but also a lesson in life.

The girls practiced their roles for three months before the show and each one of them performed their parts in perfect harmony.

They showed the confidence and skills learned during their time in the Ballet Class. The parents have every reason to be proud of the achievement made by these young dancers.

A special thank you goes to the parents for their continued participation and support. Thank you to all the teachers and staff who assisted in the preparation of the dancers on show day.

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