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Cultural Day

With over 2000 students from many different nationalities, our school had the pleasure of re-hosting one of the most popular events of all time: Cultural Day! Being our third one yet, this year’s cultural day brought about a significant difference, rather than setting the event under our class buildings, it was situated in our very own sports field!

The event began at two in the afternoon, paying respect to the UAE’s national anthem. With over 25 countries participating, countless and uncountable preparations were made by each individual student, representing their country. These included traditional dances, displays, performances, music, food and much, much more! What a mesmerizing sight it was to see students dressed in their culture’s clothes, entertaining the crowd! Parents and staff alike were either swelling up with pride at the work their students had presented or were busy snapping shots of different stalls set up! Every board and art piece displayed had something new to offer, and we can honestly say that we learnt more about our countries than we ever knew during this event. This was one event that truly required the help of everyone and it paid off. The field was crammed with people, and the weather wasn’t too bad either!

By the end of the day, every person was tired because of the dancing, walking and eating! Being one of the best events yet, this wouldn’t have been possible without the school staff, the parents and last but not least, the students! Thank you!