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Grade 3 Trip

Another thrilling experience was held for one of our younger grades at KidZania. Located in the Dubai Mall, Kidzania is one of the top destinations in the region where both knowledge and play are of equal importance. The indoor theme park is a city purposely built to scale for children, complete with bright, realistic buildings, winding paved streets, loud fast vehicles, a functioning economy, and much more.

Our grade 3 students delighted in experiencing a taste of the real world, by performing various jobs, and enjoying the world’s diversity in an educational plus pleasant atmosphere. Just like in the real world, students were paid for their work with Kidzania’s very own currency, Kidzos. With careers ranging from fire-fighters to doctors, students had the chance to temporarily lead independent lives and also gain an understanding of the world of grown-ups - though the experience was probably more enjoyable than it should have been! There were over 80 different roles to choose from, and every single grade 3 enjoyed the journey! Perhaps some of our students even made a life changing decision by choosing their future career path after the trip.