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Grade 4 Trip

This year’s Grade four class trip was a fun and exciting learning experience for all involved. Upon arriving at Atlantis the Palm, the students enjoyed a tour of the fascinating aquarium which had a spectacular array of both local and exotic fish. The highlight of the trip were the rare albino crocodiles which caused huge excitement amongst the students who continuously discussed the details which make these reptiles so extraordinary.

After the aquarium tour, the students partook in team building activities on the beach which they all immensely enjoyed. “Fill It Up” set off the first challenge where the students kicked off their shoes and challenged each other against the clock by filling up buckets of water, providing them with a rich team building activity. “The Toxic Waste Transfer” and “Pipeline Challenge” involved thinking, imagination, action, and a wholehearted team contribution in order to win the challenge. The competitive streak was evident within all teams.

After such fun water and team building activities, the students enjoyed a delicious meal at a local restaurant. An enjoyable day was had and we all returned safe and sound.