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Grade 5 and 6 Sports Day

As a general summary, the Sports and Health department of the SLO has played a vital role in this academic year’s progress. One of the key events presented in Term 2 was the Grade 5 & 6 Sports Day. This highly anticipated event took a lot of time, responsibility and effort. The prefects, P.E. teachers and the school staff all contributed to organize this grand day.

On Saturday, January 30th 2016, our students were divided into competing teams, namely the Scorpions, Sharks, Falcons, and Oryxs. This meant that our students were not only performing as individuals, but also as part of a team! Students from Grade 5 & 6 participated in different sporting activities, ranging from the classic athletics to the strenuous swimming. The participants enjoyed their sports day immensely! They were awarded points for their performances, and naturally, the team with the highest number of points wins! What a lovely sight it was to see parents cheering their children and the lovely weather just made everyone’s day.

The memorable day ended with the awards ceremony. The time came to announce the winners, and we were expecting that a few faces from the crowd would be left sad. Surprisingly, no one was! A huge thank you to each and every one for making this Sports Day so enjoyable, and we look forward to the next one!