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Grade 9 Trip- Hint Hunt

This academic year, our grade 9 trip took us to Hint Hunt – a mesmerizing experience. Located in Times Square, Dubai, this journey brought forward a completely new and thrilling experience. For starters, we were divided into teams of six people. Each team was then locked in a room. The objective of this task was to escape by unfolding the clues and hints present in the room. But, as always, there was a catch – a big one at that! This mission had to be completed within 60 pressuring minuets! Each room was fairly small, however it beheld many objects such as numerous boxes, drawers, tables, shelves, and odd looking paintings. The first step was to obtain keys which unlocked four boxes, each containing a sword and other clues. As time ticked by, and as the story unfolded, we came to discover four mysterious holes in the wall. After an exchange of views, we concluded that the swords should go into the holes. Just when we thought that our adventure was finally coming to an end, the escape door led to another door and into another room! Despite its intensity, it was an extraordinary experience, a once in a lifetime event, which required knowledge, critical thinking and teamwork. I genuinely believe that one simply shouldn’t miss this opportunity. I would definitely participate in this educational hunt for a second time- it was truly unlike any other!