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Hand- Over Ceremony

As the new academic year of 2015-16 began, it was time to bid farewell to our former old head prefect and deputy heads of department in order to welcome new ones. Each school year, the deputy heads of department change, with each individual bringing new ideas to enhance the way things are done in the SLO®. As for the previous senior prefects they are still part of the SLO®, always ready to make a change and give advice to the new prefects. The ceremony began with an introduction by Mr. Gray our director, followed by speeches by the Head Prefect Head Prect Valeriia Khochafian and the Activities Deputy Mariam Haddad from Grade 10. Old Deputy Head of Departments presented certificates to the new ones, while pictures were being taken. Later, the SLO® new management team cut the cake and took their memorable picture. Refreshments were served and the current and former deputies mingled, discussing SLO® events.