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International Day

When you think of International Day, what pops straight into your mind? Is it the proud display of cultures together in one area? Or is it the mouth-watering scents of various ethnic foods just waiting to be devoured? Or perhaps, it is the traditional activities our homelands have to offer. Here at ISC DIP, we had the honour of hosting all the above and more.

On Friday March 2nd, we witnessed and celebrated the true beauty of diversity. Not only did we have the opportunity to represent our own countries, we also had the pleasure interacting and experiencing the traditions of other countries. Held at our sports field, our school had over 25 countries on breathtaking stands. Everyone put in their best efforts, even the weather had its role in presenting one of the most enjoyable days Dubai can experience. It was a day of great significance and value for our school that gave the students the opportunity to present the cultural heritage and diversity to each other and the community. There was endless music and dance throughout, countless traditional clothing worn and a jubilant atmosphere to be a part of. The beauty of a united people representing different cultures through dance, color, cuisine, and much more was outstanding this year. Hats off to each and everyone who made this event truly memorable!
The International School of Choueifat – Dubai Investments Park

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