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KG2 Trip

Bright and early on a Saturday morning, our eager KG2 students and staff set off on an adventure to ‘The Lost Chambers’ aquarium. The excitement peaked on the bus with the children shouting and singing on our arrival to the mysterious chambers. Each class was divided into smaller groups in order for everyone to enjoy one to one experience. As we walked around the dark hallways that were illuminated with bright fish tanks and different schools of fish, we were reminded to stay quiet. It was early morning and the sharks had not been fed so we had to be careful not to wake them! Among the 65,000 fish swimming around the aquarium, we were introduced to the newest members of the family, baby albino alligators named Buster and Blue. A set of twins who were also very hungry!

On our exploration, we stumbled upon a fish tank full of black and orange clown fish, we had finally found Nemo! After our tour of discovering starfish, sea horses, jelly fish, crabs, sharks and so much more, we took a stroll through the beautiful grounds of Atlantis to take a rest and enjoy a meal after our busy morning of learning about the different sea creatures and their homes. We returned to school very satisfied with some sleepy students after our fun morning of exploring Atlantis ‘Lost Chambers’ aquarium.