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PE News T1 week 8 1617

This past week has been all about preparation for our PE department and students. With Inter Choueifat competitions each weekend and the regional trials taking place on November 12th, our training regimes are well and truly underway. Our students and coaches are fitting as many sessions as possible into lunch time and after school hours to ensure we primed for each event.

This coming weekend our senior boys swim team will take part in the annual Inter Choueifat gala. With students from grades 7 to 11 taking part, our coaches will travel to Sharjah optimistic and enthusiastic. We wish them all the best and look forward to hearing the results.

Our girl’s senior basketball team has also put in extra hours this week as they stayed after school on Thursday for a pre season warm up game.  With their coach Mr. Alex Berbec on hand to offer advise the girls have made great improvements already this year. With this great momentum they will be ready to take on the competition on November 19th..