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Regional Tournament

Dubai Investments Park and Sharjah were proud to host the 10th SABIS® Regional Tournament on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th April 2015. The event attracted over 1000 participants from 24 SABIS® schools in 12 countries around the world. The opening ceremony, hosted by our school, was a grand occasion where over 1000 SABIS® students from Germany, Romania, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Egypt, Bahrain, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kurdistan Iraq and Jordan marched onto the field carrying the banner and the flag of their country.

The ceremony commenced with a warm welcome from our School Director. Speeches were then followed by a selection of performances by students from SABIS® schools in the UAE. A ballet display was performed by our young girls.

Other performances celebrated the uniqueness of the UAE heritage and the diversity of the different cultures in our schools. Participating students enthusiastically competed in swimming, basketball, soccer, sprint, relay, and long jump with the highest athletic standards. The tournament concluded on Saturday, April 11th with a closing ceremony. Medals and trophies were awarded to the winning teams amidst the cheering and clapping of the crowd.  All SABIS® schools had their share of winning in football, basketball, sprint, long jump and swimming. The results also included an impressive 14 new records. Records were broken in girls and boys sprint, boys and girls relays together with an impressive 8 swimming records for boys and girls. Students returned home with many great memories, looking forward to the 11th tournament.  This has been another success of the SABIS® School Network and a great organizing effort by the Regional Tournament Committee and the International Schools of Choueifat- DIP and Sharjah.

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