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SLO® Job Fair

The SLO® is proud to have organized ISC-DIP’s very first ‘Job Recruitment Fair’! This event, was hosted to encourage the involvement of all students in participating and becoming a valued prefect. A prefect’s job is to maintain a controlled and harmonious environment within school. They become ‘specialised’ by belonging to a key department of the SLO®. A prefect of the ‘Discipline’ department may control and regulate corridors during break times. Head, deputies and seniors of the SLO® eight departments spent much of their time and energy designing display boards and mini-activities two weeks prior to this event. Their efforts definitely paid off on the big day…

On the 16th and 17th of September, the job fair commenced with a positive start. Students were delighted to learn more about the SLO® from its motives, to how it operates with prefects. Deputies and seniors informed students of how each prefect job was performed. One of the highlights was the popcorn selling, which sold out! Nearly all the sign-up sheets were filled out, and it’s a guarantee that no department – be it social responsibility or academics – had less than thirty new students signed up. Thanks to the decorations and music, the atmosphere was simply splendid. In the end, almost everyone was sweating, but smiling. We want to extend a huge thank you to the organizers, prefects and students for participating and making this event memorable!