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SLO® Mini Camp

The 1st SLO ® Mini Camp for ISC-DIP was held on October 16th and 17th, 2014. Prefects participated in a range of training sessions all aimed at improving their contribution to ensuring a “wow” SLO ® in our school. The aim of the camp was to teach important life skills such as communication, teamwork, and positive thinking. These attributes will equip us with the essential tools to instill in our school the right spirit and mind and to take the SLO ® to a different height. In addition to the plentiful and diverse workshop the participants also enjoyed many activities and games.

The camp began with a drumming activity which taught participants teamwork and coordination. After the drumming, the fish philosophy was presented by students who attended the SLTC in Greece this year. The second day started with a presentation outlining the SLO ®, what it is, what is needed to ensure its success and how we can work as a team. The presentation was followed by a brainstorming session for ideas and projects about the theme of the year (the year of visibility). Following that a team sticker activity set the teams for the treasure hunt which taught us critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork.

After the nerve-racking treasure hunt a relaxing and educational movie about leadership was shown. Overall the camp was an enlightening experience. It helped the participants walk away with a deeper understanding of how to inspire and encourage others and how to help students achieve success by teaching key characteristics, like being positive, choosing your attitude, and recognizing “the power” exists within each one of us.