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SLO Mini Camp 1617

On Thursday 20th of October and Friday 21st of October 2016, ISC-DIP held its 3rd annual SLO Mini-Camp. Organized entirely by the SLO Senior prefects, our camp proved yet another great success. The purpose of this event is to train and recruit new yet potential students as prefects. Our camp involves a range of educational presentations and interactive activities to promote essential qualities needed for now and the future.

The camp commenced at our school on Thursday afternoon, introducing a team building activity and a motivational presentation presented by senior prefects. The day ended rather quickly, only to be replaced by Friday's busy schedule. The next morning we gathered in the theatre and enjoyed a couple more inspirational videos and presentations. Our prefects learnt the power of teamwork through an excellent drumming session hosted by an outside firm. At noon, our camp boarded the buses to a nearby community for the last activities to take place. Another popular teambuilding and creative thinking ice breaker was challenged to the students where groups were made to work together to create the best dressed astronaut using limited resources given. Students and supervisors met at one of the restaurants to enjoy lunch before the last and final event of the treasure hunt took place. This superb activity lasted 3 hours, where all forms of essential values had to be used. These included teamwork (of course), time management, knowledge, social awareness, intelligence, and much more. Teams of prefects began gathering and solving all the clues given to try and win the race. Stations were located within the community and our prefects enjoyed the friendly competing.

Our camp was both fun filled and educational, and we prefects sincerely looked forward to the participation of new students in the future. A huge round of applause to the all our SLO seniors involved, and most importantly to our SLC!