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Spelling bee

This year, grade 6 gathered in the School Theater for the annual Spelling Bee event. To practice their class readers, the spelling bee was based on their books Hannibal, Crazy Horse, and Hung Wu. After a few weeks, the event continued until their final Spelling Bee final. The final took place in the SLO®, which was run solely and proudly by the prefects, with judges consisting of their AQC and members of the SLO®. The winner Louay Al Briksousi, in grade 6F, qualified to move forward to SABIS® Stars competition in April.  SABIS® Stars is an event held biyearly for grades 6-12 students from all SABIS® schools globally and includes various academic competitions, one being the Spelling Bee competition. We have no doubt Louay will prove himself a worthy competitor and representative of our school.