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Sports Days

This year’s Sports Days brought thrill and excitement to the students of KG1 to Grade 6 as well as parents and teachers alike. The KG’s took to the green field first before the winter break. Parents got involved with the students, helping them to complete each activity while enjoying the exercise and fresh air. As term two began so did preparations for grade 5 and 6 Sports Days. They included traditional races and games with the relay race being a particular highlight. Grade 1 and 2 closely followed.

All PE teachers were involved in the rotation of games including a sack race and a shoe scramble. As the weather heated up Grade 4 were glad of the water games that were included in the fun. Water balloon games were a huge hit! As the term drew to a close we concluded with our Grade 3 Sports Days inside. This did not deter the students or the parents who joined in our tails and handball games with the students. Well done to all students, staff and parents who helped make our Sports Days a success promoting a healthy happy lifestyle.

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