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Tree Planting Ceremony

The second annual ISC DIP Tree Planting Ceremony took place on the last day of term 2. The tree planting is an annual event at which the graduating class plant a tree at the front of the school.  The roots of the Ghaf tree shall always remain buried in the school’s earth as a symbolic gesture that ISC DIP prepared its graduates with a solid foundation for them to embark on the next phase of their lives. The students came elegantly dressed for this ceremony to represent their loyalty, responsibility, independence, and ambitiousness. As they planted this small tree to give life to nature they also symbolized that they are all connected like the tree branches connect the leaves and their future paths into college, their careers, and adventurous endeavors. The ceremony celebrated the bond between the students and their supervisors, teachers, and staff members. In the future, should our seniors decide to pay a visit, they will be reminded of their school experience that this tree will forever unite them. Until the graduation when we all gather again, best of wishes to the class of 2018 for the bright futures ahead.

The International School of Choueifat – Dubai Investments Park

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